Crux Charisma (charismasuicide) wrote in tradepunktapes,
Crux Charisma

Rockin Bones Videozine 3

Vol. 3|$12

The third installment of Rockin' Bones Videozine features more varieties of punk rock than you can shake a stick at. Raw live footage and funny interviews with bands new and old; some infamous and some until now unheard! Lower Class Brats, The Dwarves, The Adicts, Voodoo Glow Skulls, The Marked Men, The Murder Junkies, The Chop Saki's, Verbal Abuse, Draven, Spector 45, and The Filthy Skanks. Approximately 85 minutes.

"Who needs a club when you can stay at home and watch a Rockin' Bones Videozine?" -Hunter Hauk, Quick Magazine

"If there was one DVD that I'd want to be stuck with on a desert island, it would definitely be this captures all the bands in a very candid yet upfront approach. Rock my bones y'all!!" -Dano Distortion, Varla Magazine Writer

"Not since I was a Flipside staffer have I seen such a cool video fanzine! In my mind, up until now, nothing came close to the Flipside Video Fanzines for sheer brilliance in capturing the punk scene (and the bands involved) as it was, without any bullshit." -Thom Bone, Former Flipside Staffer/Butt Trumpet Founder

$12 + $ 1 shipping.

I prefer paypal payments but will accept well concealed cash and money orders. Reply here or email me at

I also have volumes 1, 2, 4, and the rarities collection containing footage from over 40 bands. I have a special selling all 5 dvd's for $45.
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